What do I do with my hands?

I work in the most powerful city in the world, often referred to as the unofficial Capitol of the world. I’ve rubbed elbows with some of DC’s most powerful men and women, but while most up and comers would relish the chance to meet these people, I dread it. You see, I probably will never make Politico’s most powerful list, but if they decided to do one for the most awkward person in the beltway… I’d be a shoe in quite literally (Because I once got my sandal sucked into the escalator at the downtown Macy’s.)

I have plenty of stories, all of which sound like very tall-tales unless you actually witness one of my, let’s call them, incidents. For the sake of my pride, and sparing any powerful person I’ve tripped over, spilled on, or accidentally groped, I’ll illustrate my level of “awkward” and with two stories from college. I dislocated my shoulder in college while running cross country. Get this, I tripped…on flat ground. A year later, I broke my foot by stepping off a wet sidewalk. Here’s the kicker. I didn’t break it until I got up from falling and fell again. Yeah. I’m that kind of clumsy.

Thankfully I went to an event earlier this week and didn’t have anything major happen and I was in heals no less. Chalking the night up to success, I thought to myself, “finally, I wasn’t the slightest bit awkward,” that was until I saw my “photo shoot.” My coworkers and I got the opportunity to snap some pictures with the Capitol as the backdrop. I essentially pulled a Ricky Bobby.


Thank goodness I don’t take myself too seriously.


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