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Lyndsie and Braden-01I want to tell you about my friend Lyndsie and her remarkable journey as a fierce athlete, mother, and advocate for her son. I’ve known Lyndsie for almost ten years and during those ten years I’ve watched her give everything to fight for her son Braden’s life.

Braden was born at just 23 weeks gestation—fourteen years ago that was a guaranteed death sentence. However, Braden had other plans. This tiny little guy fought to stay alive. The doctors who had given him a couple of hours revised their prognosis and gave him days. Those days turned into months. He fought in the NICU and survived brain bleeds and other complications.

I met Lyndsie when Braden was about three or four years old. We were both recruited to run cross country in college. Here I was this green college student who knew nothing about life and struggle… matching strides with another college student who had lived an entire lifetime. Sure I was dedicated to logging the eight-nine-ten miles that were demanded of a collegiate athlete, but Lyndsie was logging those same miles often times, pushing her son. I never heard her make an excuse, I never heard her complain.

At various points during our college career Braden was hospitalized for various periods of times. Lyndsie was having to juggle practices, work, school obligations all while caring for her ill son.

I remember one particular practice, it was the first time I realized that she was struggling to perform the way she normally did and she looked drained. My gut told me something was wrong, so I started probing. She finally confessed she wasn’t eating because she was spending money on her son’s special food and medication. Wow. I was floored. Of course, I worked to remedy that situation, but I think it was the first time I really appreciated the depth of love a mother can have for her child.

Why am I telling you this story? Aside from the fact that mother’s like her should be praised and cherished, I just found out that Braden needs a bowel transplant. I have volunteered to help Lyndsie and her friends put together a medical benefit to raise money for the cost of his transplant.

They are in desperate need of prayers. Pray. If you feel moved by this story, please consider donating and participating in the Served with Love Volleyball Tournament. They can use all the support they can get.

UPDATE 1:Here are a few things I put together for the Served with Love Tournament.

Served with Love Logo

Served With Love Flyer

Served Program

I also helped design ads for sponsors, table top decorations, and more.

Served with Love Winners

UPDATE 2: Some people messaged me for more information about Braden. Here is a link to his GoFund Me page.

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