Progress: Triangle Quilt

Is there anything better than making progress on a project? I don’t think so.

I am very proud of myself that I found the time to layout my cut pieces.

Here was my plan.

PrintI found a great tutorial for a triangle quilt on the blog See Kate SewIf you are interested in a step by step instruction, click here.

I used her general layout to mix up my choice of fabrics– but I changed it up a bit. I didn’t want two like fabrics touching. Obviously I couldn’t account for every place fabrics touched diagonally, but I’m happy with the overall appearance.

1) Brown / 2) Mix between Yellow Flower 1-Yellow Flower 2 / 3) Green / 4) Mix between Pink-Pink Red /5) White-Green /6) Yellow

See my changes in red.
See Kate Sew's Modern Ombre Layout Pattern

See Kate Sew’s Modern Ombre Layout Pattern

Depending on your choice of fabric, if you are planning on using patterned prints, I would cut 20 triangles instead of the suggested 19. For example, if you notice the left edge (row 1 and 3), the pattern calls for two (color 1) half triangles– notice they  are the same shape and the same side of the split triangle. If you are using a Kona or Quilters solid you’re fine because you can just flip the design. However, if you are using a patterned print you won’t be able to use both sides of the cut triangle– because if you flip it, it’ll be the wrong side up– Long story short, you’ll need 20 triangles. I had extras, so no big deal.

Here is a picture of the fabrics I chose. I really love how bohemian it looks.

IMG_0566 copy

Here’s a shot of the unfinished rows.

My plan is to sew all the rows on Thursday. Make my quilt sandwich on Friday and quilt it over the weekend while Little B naps. Wish me luck!

Anyone making progress on their quilting or sewing projects? I’d love to hear how you make time and prioritize projects.  I currently have several unfinished projects: Gracie’s mermaid quilt, Little B’s Oh the Places You’ll Go quilt, Matt and Denise’s wedding quilt.

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