No. 143: Hang out on a sailboat.

I’ve always wanted to be on a sailboat. Not sail on a sailboat, just be on one. Full disclaimer, I have an unhealthy fear of fish so anything having to do with water must be done with extreme caution. But when my friend Megan mentioned her sister was in town and I decided to swallow my fear and jump at the opportunity to cross No. 143 off my Life’s List.

Megan’s sister lives on a sailboat with her husband and her two kids  and most of June they were anchored on the Potomac river. Because they are away from friends and family, and people in general, getting a night away is a rare occurrence. Enter Megan– babysitter extraordinaire.  B, Little B and I spent the evening with her while she watched her niece and nephew.

I have to admit, after my initial excitement, I did have a moment of panic. What if my baby falls off? I’m not a strong swimmer. What are you thinking? But I quickly got over it… a beer helped.



He made fast friends with Ta and Little Jack.


There was safety netting around the entire boat so I tried my best to let little man explore unhindered. This is one of my favorite pictures.



There were ducks and geese swimming around the sailboat. Little B was fascinated by them.

The river was so peaceful. DSC_0082


This song may or may not have been playing on a loop in my head.

Overall I had so much fun. This experience certainly taught me that “being a mom” doesn’t have to deter me from crossing more adventurous things off my life’s list.

Anyone crossing anything off their life’s list? Anyone writing one… I’d love to read it.

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