Life’s List

I got the idea for a life list from this blog. Yes, a life list is strikingly similar to a bucket list but I think the name is less morbid. These are my dreams, goals and desires for my ever-changing life. 

Life’s List
  1. Live a life debt free.
  2. Paint my own self-portrait.
  3. Write thank you notes to my former teachers (the ones who had an impact on me).
  4. Visit Rome with my husband.
  5. Invest in a grown up sofa.
  6. Make a cheesecake from scratch.
  7. Do something truly selfless for my husband.
  8. Plant and Maintain my own vegetable garden.
  9. Make my own vinegar and wine.
10.  Open a Bed & Breakfast.
11.  Build or remodel a our dream farm house with the love of my life.
12.  Buy a boat for my hubby and I– in cash (after we own a vehicle that can tow it).
13.  Spend an entire weekend at the beach… doing nothing but enjoying the waves.
14.  Buy a good set of dishes and use them to entertain the family at every occasion.
15.  Get tickets for the Rugby World Cup. Attend.
16.  Visit all 50 states.

Alabama | Alaska  | Arizona | Arkansas |  California |  Colorado |  Connecticut |  Delaware |  Florida |  Georgia |  Hawaii |  Idaho |  Illinois |  Indiana |  Iowa |  Kansas |  Kentucky |  Louisiana |  Maine |  Maryland  | Massachusetts | Michigan  | Minnesota  | Mississippi  | Missouri  | Montana | Nebraska  | Nevada  | New Hampshire  | New Jersey  | New Mexico  | New York  | North Carolina  | North Dakota  | Ohio  | Oklahoma  | Oregon |  Pennsylvania  | Rhode Island | South Carolina |  South Dakota |  Tennessee |  Texas  | Utah  | Vermont  | Virginia  | Washington  | West Virginia  | Wisconsin  | Wyoming

17.  Buy a good camera for taking pictures (intro DSLR).
18.  Wear a two-piece bikini and not feel self conscious.
19.  Have one wall in my house be for photos all my family and friends.
20.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen during post-holidays when there are not enough volunteers.
21.  Buy a cow directly from a farmer.
22.  Get involved with an Alzheimer Fundraiser.
23.  Create my own stationary line.
24.  Cook a five-course dinner for my family.
25.  Go on a hot air balloon ride with my husband.
26.  Spend a week un-plugged hiking and camping with my husband.
27.  Call up The McHusband’s grandmother M to discuss the Fourth of July—create a really cool entry in the annual boat parade.
28.  Create a book with a collection of family memories for the Meyer-Prahm side of my family.
29.  Plan a family reunion.
30.  Ride a mechanical bull.
31.  Greet my husband in nothing but a trench coat and high heels.
32.  Make and finish a quilt.
33.  Go scuba diving with my husband and conquer my fear of fish.
34.  Own a kayak.
35.  Take a rock climbing course. Go rock climbing.
36.  Give someone a $100 tip.
37.  Start racing again. Run a 5k.
38.  Plan a family canoe trip complete with spouses and hypothetical children.
39.  Build a family vacation home.
40.  Learn how to ski. Go skiing.
41.  Get my name on a wall at one of those world beer tour challenges.
42.  Leave myself a letter in a library book. Look for it twenty years later.
43.  Start and finish a project life kit (365 photos).
44.  Start and keep a journal for a year.
45.  Attend a Presidential Departure or Arrival.
46.  Get down to my post-season weight. Fit into my ‘skinny’ jeans again.
47.  Wear a red dress and high heels for my husband.
48.  Own a hammock in our future backyard.
49.  Plan a surprise fishing trip all day with my husband.
50.  Volunteer for a national park clean-up day.
51.  Retire and become a camp-ground host or park ranger.
52.  Do a food tour of the Southern States.
53.  Zipline through the trees.
54.  Go to Hawaii.
55.  Build a tree house for the kids.
56.  Make home-made, edible Christmas gifts for my family.
57.  Buy a living room set.
58.  Catch a foul ball at a baseball game.
59.  Plant fruit bushes or trees.
60.  Plant and harvest a garden.
61.  Ride a camel.
62.  Spend a weekend at the Spa. Relaxing.
63.  Host a dinner party for a political candidate.
64.  Run a marathon.
65.  Take the GRE.
66.  Plan a girl’s vacation with my closest gal pals.
67.  Get a M.A. in something.
68.  Get a puppy.
69.  Go fly fishing.
70.  Attend a music festival.
71.  Surprise the husband with Blues tickets (not my favorite).
72.  Attend an Inaugural Ball.
73.  Learn Spanish.
74.  Learn to make fruit pie from scratch.
75.  Set foot on all seven continents.
North America | South America | Antarctica | Africa | Europe | Asia | Australia
76.  Catch, clean, and cook a fish.
77.  Do a pull up.
78.  Be a mom.
79.  Tithe every week.
80.  Launch sky lanterns with my family.
81.  Give my sister 21 Gifts for her 21st Birthday.
82.  Have a sun room.
83.  Get in the front row at a concert.
84.  Go on a cruise.
85.  Learn to make falafel.
86.  Take a pottery class.
87.  Buy a Vintage Grain Belt Beer sign for my dad.
88.  Rent a cabin and watch the aurora borealis.
89.  Visit the Grand Tetons.
90.  Place flowers and the MN state on all the unknown Minnesota graves in Gettysburg National Cemetery on the anniversary of the battle.
91.  Take my grandma Max anywhere in the world she wants to go.
92.  Open my own restaurant.
93.  Teach my husband to drive a manual car.
94.  Try cooking new foods. Learn about popular spices and food parings for cooking these culturally rich types of food:
Pakistani | Indian | Moroccan | Korean | Japanese | Chinese | Vietnamese | Thai | Greek | Italian |
95.  Write lyrics to a song.
96.  Sit on the board of directors for a non-profit (again).
97.  Go to Disney Land or Disney World and hug one of those oversized characters.
98.  Become best friends with my brother and my sister.
99.  Create a family trust for the land we own in the future, so future generations can benefit from the outdoors.
100. Perform SLAM poetry.
101.  Have a compost pile.
102.  Drink a martini.
103.  Go to Alaska.
104.  Visit all the National Parks:
Acadia | American Samoa | Arches | Badlands |  Bandelier |  Black Canyon |  Big Bend |  Biscayne |  Bryce Canyon |  Cabrillo |  Canyonlands |  Capitol Reef | Carlsbad Caverns |  Channel Islands |  Crater Lake |  Cuyahoga Valley | Death Valley |  Denali |  Dry Tortugas |  Everglades |  Gates of the Arctic |  Gettysburg |  Glacier |  Glacier Bay |  Grand Canyon |  Grand Teton |  Great Basin |  Great Sand Dunes |  Great Smoky Mountains |  Guadalupe Mountains |  Haleakala |  Harpers Ferry | Hawaii Volcanoes |  Hot Springs |  Isle Royale |  Joshua Tree |  Katmai |  Kenai Fjords |  Kobuk Valley |  Lake Clark |  Lassen Volcanic |  Mammoth Cave | Mesa Verde | Mount Rainier | Mount St. Helens | North Cascades | Olympic | Organ Pipe Cactus | Petrified Forest | Point Reyes | Redwood | Rocky Mountain |  Saguaro |  Sequoia / Kings Canyon |  Shenandoah | Smoky Mountain |  Theodore Roosevelt |  Valley Forge |  Virgin Islands |  Voyageurs |  Wind Cave | Wrangell Saint Elias |  Yellowstone |  Yosemite |  Zion
105.  Throw a fabulous costume party.
106.   Be the first in my family to discover a new musician that everyone likes.
107.   Give a heartfelt toast.
108.   Have a functional craft room.
109.  Learn Spanish.
110.   Buy an old Ford and restore it.
111.   Take an exercise class and not be embarrassed.
112.   Track down a childhood friend and send them a card.
113.   Take a dance class with my husband.
114.   Plan a vacation with my college friends.
115.   Live outside the United States.
116.   Drink mescal in Mexico.
117.  Learn to make letterpress invitations.
118.  Take my mom to Napa Valley.
119.  Take my dad to visit Normandy.
120.  Dedicate an entire room in my house just for books.
121.  Take a cooking class for the heck of it.
122.  Learn to make chocolate from scratch.
123.   Have a family portrait taken.
124.   Host a bridal shower.
125.  Write and publish a cook book.
126.  Write the introduction/preface for my grandfather’s book.
127.  Buy season tickets to a sporting event.
128.  Own a 1964 1/2 Mustang.
129.  Pay for my kid’s college.
130.  Learn to make fried green beans (PF Chang’s appetizer).
131.  Make homemade Limoncello.
132.  Try gross foods:
Heart | Liver | Congee| Haggis | Tongue | Kidney | Brain | Mountain Oysters
133.  Go on a walk every night for a month.
134.  Live in a house on a lake.
135.  Make a perfect omelet.
136.  Attend a book event and meet an author.
137.  Go to a restaurant with friends and order everything on the desert menu.
138.  Buy a new (cute) skirt to wear.
139.  Be in bed by 10:00 pm every night for a week.
140.  Repair an appliance.
141.  Fast during lent.
142.  Take a motorcycle down the Pacific Coast Highway. Camp out under the stars.
143.  Hang out on a sailboat.
144.  Drive from coast to coast in one amazing cross country trip.
145.  Work on a campaign.
146. Carry a totem every day for a year. Then give it away
147. Help someone with a huge problem (no judgment).
148. Write a comedy act, and do an open-mic night at a comedy club.
149.  Conquer fear of mingling at a cocktail party.
150.  Bungee jump.

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