An Easy Baby Quilt: 2 Charm Packs

For those mama’s out there intimidated by quilting, I’m here to tell you, “You can do it.”

Now granted, when I started quilting it was a little bit of an investment because I went out and bought the rotary cutter, the cutting mat, the thread, fabric and other misc. items that were “essential” for me to start quilting. But realize, you can put a quilt together with precut charm packs. They typically run for about $9 – $12, but you can typically find sales on charm packs at Fat Quarter Shop or keep an eye out for Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Daily Deals.I’ve found charm packs for as low as $3!

Here’s a little baby quilt top I whipped up for one of my friends using two charm packs: Moda Simply Color and white. If you,notice it’s my take on a rainbow… for her rainbow baby.

Now there are many other quilters out there that could have whipped up a fancier top quilt, but if you want to avoid cutting, this is a nice beginner project.

Moda Simply Color Charm Quilt

Each charm pack comes with (42) 5″ squares. The finished size of the baby quilt 8 x 9 is roughly 36″ by 40″.

There really is no limit on what you can come up with. Here are couple of ways you could use the two charm packs to come up with a design.

Charm Pack Opt

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