A Rustic Wedding

I have a handful of really close friends, all of whom, I refer to as my “best friend.”

I met my best friend Stacy in college when we ran cross-country together. I distinctly remember her crying at practice during the first week, and I just assume she had shin splints. Being very blunt and to the point I remember saying to her, “if it hurts, quit running.” I was a really nice person back then.

She was in pain; but I failed to realize that it was a different kind of pain. She was homesick. You see, Stacy is one of nine children! That’s right her mom, God bless her, spent six years, and nine months of her life pregnant… so when Stacy went to college, she missed them something fierce.

We eventually got over our first impressions, and Stacy forgave me for being a rhymes with Witch. We became fast-friends– inseparable during college and during that time– I was honored to meet her very large, loving family. Because I know Stacy and her family– it almost makes me want to have eight more just like my son… almost.


I have been so blessed by her friendship over the years, and that’s why I have been so blessed to help her sisters with their weddings. (Stacy was married before I had a knack for design.)

One of her sisters is getting married this fall. She is planning a rustic wedding. We haven’t quite sent the invitations to print, so I won’t share with the design we settled on– but it was fun to come up with something totally them.

This was the inspiration board from what she sent me.


*Unfortunately I don’t have the links for the images she sent me, because she just sent me jpegs.

She liked and disliked something about each of the invitations. As we talked about what she wanted, she told me she was planning on incorporating earth tones, lace, cream, burlap into the wedding. She used words like, “cowboy,” “rustic”, “country.” Since her hubby-to-be was not sold on the whole tree idea, she wanted to see at least one invitation that would incorporate a tree more subtly. She also wanted to incorporate a quote of in at least one of the designs.

Here are the first round-drafts of the invitations I came up with:

Rustic2 Rustic3 Rustic1

One of these invites, she absolutely loved, and after a few tweak, we have the final version which will head to the printers in the coming weeks.

I can’t wait to share the final product.

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