A Baby Quilt

I started cutting the fabric Baby H’s baby quilt. Believe me, it’s absolutely perfect for her name. I knew that I wanted to try a triangle quilt and when I saw a tutorial for one on See Kate Sew, I decided that I had to make one of my own.

Here’s the plan:

PrintI basically stuck true to the pattern except in a few places where two like fabrics touched and unlike See Kate Sew‘s quilt, I’m planning on running a three inch border around the entire quilt. I haven’t made the binding yet but I think marigold would work great. I’ve also thought about purple or even doing a scrappy binding.

This is the fabric I pulled from my stash. Sorry the picture is not better.

IMG_0536 copy

I printed out the template on card stock and cut it down to size. Pretty straight forward.

Here’s a picture of my triangles… I definitely cut more than the 19 suggested… but I’m planning on starting a scrap pile to make another quilt in the future.
IMG_0552 copy

As I mentioned, I used fabric I had on hand, but if you want to make one of your own– here are links to fabric that I used for my digital template.

Yellow Solid / Yellow Flower 1 / Yellow Flower 2 / Green / White / Pink Brown

Print Anyone starting any quilt projects? Perhaps tackling the dreaded triangle quilt anytime soon?

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